Choosing the Right Light Fixtures for Your Space


In today’s market, there are thousands of choices for lighting. Some are mainstream and traditional, others are handcrafted one of a kind pieces.

When evaluating the room where you would like to either change, remove, or add lighting fixtures, it’s important to look at the natural light and where it enters the room. The goal is to balance the light throughout the room to avoid dark corners or making the space seem small.

There are a few different types of lighting to consider. Ambient lighting radiates through the room for general lighting, such as a chandelier over a dining room table. Task lighting is more direct, giving light to a specific area, such as a bedside lamp. Accent lighting is usually very soft and used to highlight artwork or small areas. To cover a room with a proper amount of light, it is normal for at least two types of lighting fixtures to be used.

In the same way, there are different ways that lighting can bring an atmosphere into a room. If you have modern décor, look for lights that have clean lines and bold shapes. Traditional décor is going to be highlighted best with ornate and detailed fixtures.

Whatever your style is, take your time in choosing light fixtures to make sure that they are an extension of the room décor and house style.

If you’re still unsure or overwhelmed by the vast number of choices, feel free to give us a call. We have design consultants that would love to help you!

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